Travel and Tourism Schools

travel-schoolTravel and tourism schools offer a gateway to many exciting and rewarding career options which include assisting people with their travel plans like a travel agent, a cruise ship sales manager, property manager, and many more options.

Travel and tourism courses are available in traditional schools and also as online programs. Before joining any of these programs you have to make sure that the establishment has got the accreditation by the proper educational authorities.

Accredited hotel management schools will include a part of their coursework aimed at tourism, as it forms a huge part of a hotel’s income.

They will also offer a variety of courses for which you can earn a diploma, certificate or a masters degree, bachelors or associates in tourism. The diplomas and certificate courses will get you entry level jobs in the tourism industry.

The course work will include basic knowledge of domestic and international tourism, general sales management, and subjects like geography. Certificate courses can also be undertaken for specific areas in tourism, by people who are already working in the industry, and want to enhance their knowledge in a particular field.

The associate degree programs of travel and tourism schools will mainly focus on subjects like travel planning, concepts of hospitality, sales and other subjects.

After successfully completing an associate degree course or other qualification, the graduate could  find employment as a hotel manager, travel agent, or a even property manager.

The next step to advance in this career would be to complete a bachelor’s degree, or an MBA.

The travel and tourism school bachelor degree program will usually include topics like the study of different cultures, popular destinations, systems of travel and tourism, production of tour and other related subjects.

Acquiring this degree the candidate can embark on a career as a travel agent, travel guide, meeting planner, convention planner and so on.

To get the best positions in the industry, the candidate can take up the master’s degree program offered by many accredited schools.

The coursework may vary according to specialization but will include subjects like concepts for arranging tours, study of different reservation systems, laws of travel industry, study of management principles and detailed knowledge of different destinations.

On completion of master’s degree the candidate has the best pick of jobs in the travel and tourism industry and can open up a travel agency or work as counselor for corporate traveler, manager of cruise sales and many other exciting career options.

The curriculum of various programs will vary depending on the degree and specialization you’ve chosen, but the basic topics will center on giving you a good exposure to reservation systems, destinations, hospitality principles and operations, international travel and management principles.

If you are aspiring for a bachelor’s degree which requires four years of study, you might have to qualify to enter the program by taking a course in subjects that include science, math, history and English.

It is not necessary to have a bachelor degree from a travel and tourism school to start working in this industry. You can start working with basic qualifications and work your way up with experience and earning the bachelors degree through online programs.

Travel and tourism schools provide a wealth of opportunities for people looking for a lucrative and exciting career.

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