Tourism Management Schools

tourism schoolTourism management schools are where you gain an academic education on a degree program, which is a requirement if you are planning on enjoying a long career in the travel and tourism industry.

When you gain qualifications in the tourism industry, the knowledge and education you gain will ensure that you are going to succeed in the hospitality industry in general.

Here are just a few of the top tourism and hotel management schools located around the world:

  • National Academy Foundations, New York
  • IMI Switzerland
  • AIM Paris, France
  • Queenstown Resort College, New Zealand
  • Victoria Management School, New Zealand
  • Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS)

Choose any one of these great management schools, and your life will soon become an adventure in this vast and exciting industry.

The courses provided at these top colleges are designed to fit the students needs for knowledge and education, as well as the requirements of the tourism industry itself.

Meaning hotels, casinos and cruise line companies. Courses offer both a practical approach to business administration and leadership to ensure qualify with an understanding of general, as well as tourism business practices.

Although an exciting industry to be a part of, it very demanding of individuals and their knowledge.

A degree in tourism management is just one of graduates qualifications/requirements (leadership aside), along with extracurricular learning in over two thousand hours of volunteer and paid work in one or more internships.

Tourism management schools focus on the areas of hotel and event operations, as well as restaurant and gaming operations. This education is fundamental for working in a coastal resort or hotel, where education requirements vary amongst employers.

The reason students are required to gain work experience on internships, usually throughout the summer months, is that most employers will hire someone who has already had experience in the tourism field.

However, this is not always the case as many people become part of management team only having a bachelor’s degree and working their way up through the ranks to senior management level.

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