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Hotel Management Schools

A hotel management school is essentially a school for business, teaching many other industry related topics such as finance or sales. And the credentials you obtain at this type of business school, could almost certainly be used in those other fields.

All business schools train their students to standards high enough to move directly into a hotel managers position, right from graduation. It will normally be a junior management placing, unless you were already on an internship and then you could possibly enter at upper management (the former is more likely though).

Amazing managerial opportunities are available to thousands of graduates worldwide. And the ones graduating with certified qualifications typically earn a higher placement, along with a much higher salary.

Students have the opportunity to study in simulated hotel environments for business or post graduate degrees in many of the best hotel management schools which are located nationally around the USA and also internationally, particularly in Switzerland.

This is where role play becomes a vital part of learning and gaining the necessary experience you require, along with the skills you must have to become a manager in a hotel manager.

Many Hotel Management Schools Offer Internships and Work Placements

Some schools work hand in hand with major hotel groups and offer internships or paid work placements. Again this provides you with crucial experience in many areas of the industry. And what could be a very lucrative career for you.

The internet and new technology also form part hotel management education, providing students with Wi-Fi connections which also allows them to communicate with their families back home.

Students from all over the world can study at schools in places far away from where they live. So this ‘high-tech’ approach to teaching, allays any loneliness which may become apparent.

This can be validated at one of the most famous international hotel schools, Les Roches which is located in Switzerland.

This privately run university is located in the Swiss Alps (with campuses in USA, Spain and China) and is accredited with a management contract with the Swiss Hotel Association that is recognized by the Federal Department of Economics, in Switzerland.

You Will Be Qualified to Work in Other Industries

The qualifications obtained in hotel schools are also accepted in several other fields, such as consulting and tourism. So a graduate has many options available once gaining accreditation in hospitality management, because they will posses a huge variety of leadership skills needed in other fields.

The traits of good hotel training are found in competent graduates who show the initiative to deal with problems efficiently with little to no effect on hotel operations and hotel guests. The hotel managers job, particularly a general manager in a world class hotel is typically an immensely stressful position.

The hotel industry, although providing many people with an amazing lifestyle (sometimes in foreign countries) is very demanding on a hotel manager.

Only the strongest candidates will survive industry placements where they get first hand experience of just how stressful the business is. If you are one such person, then you are practically guaranteed of a career that you will enjoy for a very long time.

If a new hotel manager is not able to adapt to their new environment quickly, and push aside any fears they have about being a successful manager, they will usually propel their attitude or fear to other members of staff, which could have a negative effect on the hotel management team.

It remains the responsibility, firstly of the student themselves to show their ability to move forward and overcome obstacles, and secondly the responsibility of the school program which they are enrolled in to make sure they can anticipate and solve problematic situations.

This is the reason why the programs taught in hotel schools, also offer valuable ‘on the job training‘ as part of the semester in the college or school. Any fear of being left to fend for themselves during this time is allayed by training staff visits to placements.

What Will You Learn at a Hotel Management School?

You will learn the fundamental skills of running a hotel business. This will include the more obvious operational topics, such as front office efficiency, customer care and service, and staff management.

One of the outstanding traits of these types of hospitality and hotel business program is that students will also gain leadership skills and personal development knowledge, pertaining to the hospitality profession. Other major skills learned include advertising and marketing, decision making and other general business skills which apply to all typical business plans.

What Qualifications Could You Graduate With?

  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
  • Associate of Arts in Hospitality
  • Associate of Business Management
  • Associate of Business in Accounting
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Science in Accountancy

Recommended Hospitality Management Schools or Universities in the USA?

  • Cornell University
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Houston
  • Keller Graduate School of Management
  • American Public University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Columbus State Community College and Hospitality Management School
  • American Sentinel University
  • Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

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