Online Accredited Degree Programs

online accredited degreeYou can gain the same credentials in hospitality and tourism management by completing online accredited degree programs, as you could if you enrolled on a location based university program.

Studying online allows you the freedom to learn, while keeping the interruption to your family and business or work life to a minimum.

A vital point to consider when applying for any online degree program, is to confirm it’s accreditation at the source and that it is not a providing a course ending with a dummy certificate, which would cost you an arm and a leg, but be completely worthless.

In other words, you must do your due diligence and confirm that you are actually applying for online accredited degree programs.

If you are wondering if studying over the internet for a Masters in hospitality, MBA or certificate in any other topic via an accredited college will provide you with the same qualifications and add to the advancing development of your career, as would a campus led program, you can dispel any fears you may have.

A book written by Thomas L. Russell, titled ‘The No Significant Difference Phenomenon‘, of North Carolina State University has reported, as the title suggests, that there is actually no difference in the performance of students and graduates who studied an online or a campus based university course.

In fact, Russell’s book concluded that a pupil studying via a web based course, had a slightly advanced education that that of the college program.

The following are some the most popular online degree courses:

  • BA in Accounting
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration
  • Associate of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Associate in Business – General
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts

And here are fifteen of the top online colleges and universities that are accredited:

  • Boston University
  • George Washington University
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Kaplan University
  • Virginia College
  • University of Florida
  • New England College
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division
  • Western International University Interactive Online
  • What Are the Advantages of Online Accredited Degree Programs
  • Jones International University
  • Keiser University eCampus
  • Herzing University Online
  • Marylhurst University
  • Bowling Green State University

The benefits of an online degree program are clear, in that they do not cost the vast sums of money which location based courses do (pay per course options are available).

And lodging costs are no more expensive because you can study in your home or anywhere else, if you were perhaps traveling the world (I know of several people who have studied on the web, that are traveling for business and pleasure).

Of course, one very clear advantage of an internet based degree program (as with campus led programs) is that individuals with higher qualifications, can earn a higher level of income.

And no matter of your current lifestyle and family life, you will not need to interrupt it too much, because studying online accredited degree programs are designed to fit around your current lifestyle.

Course material is always available online, along with school classroom lectures and student – lecturer discussions, which you can re-read in your own time.

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