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The best online MBA (Masters of Business Administration) programs and degrees are being offered by Columbus State University, it was recently reported in a press release. However, after a hard search on the internet, I found several other similar (and cheaper) programs being offered by other top ranking business schools and universities (I have included a list for you below) in their current curriculum’s.

In particular, I found that the same online MBA degree program being offered at Georgia’s WebMBA.

Understanding Why Having an MBA Degree is Important

Of course, I do not know your personal circumstances. However, you are probably one of the following two types of people at an educated guess.

  1. College Leaver
  2. Someone looking for (or needing) a change in career

Heading into Hospitality management is a perfect choice for any type of person. No matter of family ties or if you are single. Because studying online, as opposed to a campus led course means you can study in your own time and while still in the employ of your current job (if that applies to you).

And you must have a valuable education and clear understanding of management, how management structures work and of course the vital skill set of people management (if you don’t have that already). This is crucial in any field, no less the hospitality and hotel industry. And you can obtain this education via the best online MBA programs.

Having a clear understanding of business management skills certainly will give you the edge in the job market, when it comes to job hunting time or even when you are applying for a promotion.

Here’s why.

Lets say you are applying for a job promotion and the guy down the hall, who is in a similar position as you also applies and secures that position instead of you.

Why did he get that position and not you?

Would it be his charismatic personality that won him that position? No.

It would be his university degree in business management which made him the obvious over you, because you were not a holder of such a qualification. It’s all about your level of experience and having the right management skills and tools at your fingertips.

And you are clearly at a disadvantage when you are competing against people who hold MBA degrees, and other highly valued qualifications.

Who Does Their MBA on an Online Program?

The people who do MBA degrees taken via an online syllabus are normally the ones looking for a huge change in their career, like a family man or woman who have been (stuck) in a dead end career, which has no further prospects. The other type of person is someone who simply does not have the time to spare to go and sit in a campus classroom for a couple of days a week, as well as already having a nine to five job and a family to bring up.

There is one other type of person I can think of who would want the opportunity to earn an online MBA, and that is someone like yours truly!

I am forty two years old and even today I have a claustrophobic deep set fear of the class-room environment. So much so that about two years ago, I was taking a class for a new sideline business venture I was starting and I was to attend a class of about twenty people all of who looking to achieve the same thing.

The class wasn’t essential, but I wanted to find out as much as I could about the business structure. So I went and left after the first two hours. Mind you, I was not the only one to leave! Right before me, a young couple and another middle aged man left abruptly – and for the same reason, as we discussed outside. Together we all thought that the course could as easily be done on our laptops, via the internet.

Can You Earn an MBA Online in a Specialized Topic?

Whilst the program for a Masters Business degree is a generalized program, you will normally get the chance to focus on a specific field.

For example:

  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

What typically happens when people have already been working in a specific field and acquired expertise, is that they mature and want to move up to a management position. But often, they are held back by their lack of qualifications.

This is where a specialized online MBA program is worth its weight in gold, no matter if the online university is in the USA, Canada or elsewhere. You can apply and take your qualification anywhere that suits you, and almost always never see the ‘actual’ university building or the inside of a classroom.

Advantages of Earning Your MBA on the Internet

We have already talked about who takes a degree online and the advantages that it serves them. But there are also other great advantages of sitting an MBA in an online class.

And there are a few others.

  1. You do not need to pay out for additional living expenses
  2. You do not have to get stuck in traffic twice per day
  3. You do not have to move across country if the only university with your preferred course is half way across the country
  4. You do not have to leave your family
  5. You can (normally) complete the course in your own time

What is the Best Online MBA Which Does Require You Taking a Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)

A Graduate Management Admissions Test can cost as much as two hundred and fifty dollars, which if you have a family is not easy to come by. There will be plenty of other necessary expenses which you will need to have a reserve tank for, so any saving you can make while studying for your degree will surely be welcomed.

So I have found these online MBA programs which do not require you to have taken a GMAT.

And if you live outside of North America, you have these options.

  1. Toulouse Business School in France
  2. Solay University in Belgium
  3. TiasNimbas in Netherlands
  4. University of Carlos III in Madrid, Spain
  5. University of Exeter, United Kingdom
  6. University of Glasgow, Scotland

Competition for high income management positions is fierce today. Particularly because over the last few years, we have seen a severe decline in the economy.

And when more people are applying for even less positions than there were previously available, I expect you can see why more and more companies are more inclined to employ people who have clearly invested in a particular area and made a huge investment their future.

Whichever route you decide to take, a classroom based or virtually based MBA program, the certificate you earn after graduation will provide you with many benefits in your career, and for many years to come.

I should mention, that although you are completing your course on the web and can study at your ‘leisure’, you will have access to your lecturer via the internet, as well as other online content. So you are never alone when you get queries or have questions which need asking.

Hopefully the above information has given you an insight of the advantages of earning your MBA on the internet, and also where to find the the degree program which is perfect for you. Being focused on your education like the way you obviously are (if you were, you would not be here reading this today!), would indicate to anyone, including potential employers any where in the country or around the globe somewhere, that you are dedicated and self motivated and that they should employ you.

It’s your future and your goals which matter the most to you (and your family if you have one). Do the right thing and pursue your degree with the confidence that any goal you set yourself is achievable.

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