Is The Indian Hotel and Hospitality Management Industry About To Explode

According to a recent news report in, Shashi Tharoor – former Minister of State for External Affairs and currently a Member of Parliament  in India, has made an appeal to the hospitality and tourism industry ‘big players’ to strengthen the industry.

He exclaimed in an opening speech at in a New Delhi conference for the hotel, architecture, interior design & management industries that the massive global hospitality management industry could actually increase the overall revenue of India.

Tharoor has compared the influx of ‘travelers’ in India to that of China, and said that India has huge potential to be competitive with its ‘rival’ country (speaking in terms of tourism).

The biggest challenge for the hotel management industry at present, according to Shivendra Tomar, who is the Managing Director of Tourism Finance Corporation of India, is the availability of affordable locations for the industry to expand in.

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