What Type of Hotel Insurance Do You Need

How to Choose the Right Hotel Insurance if You Are an Owner or Manager

Whether you own or manage a hotel, or motel, financial budgeting and planning, including hotel insurance is vital to the success of your business. You must find the right insurance company that will evaluate your needs, and one which understands your risks.

Deciding on a hotel insurance policy can be challenging. The right insurance company will take their time evaluating and understanding your risks. And one of the best ways for you to save money, is to choose a package deal, which includes the various types of insurance.

In the USA, there are several important areas to consider when insuring a hotel (motel, or bed and breakfast).

Hotel Business/Liability Cover

Liability risks are a big consideration for owners and managers alike, as they are for businesses where hospitality is the main business. Having adequate liability cover is imperative for a healthy bottom line!

Liability Insurance Types to Consider

Cyber Insurance Liability

Prevention is always better than the cure, but don’t be fooled, cyber attack of your computers and frontline systems can happen. So cyber liability is a must.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Offers protection against damage caused by intoxicated guests!

Pollution Cover

Mold spores and airborne pollution can make guests sick. This type of cover is another no brainer!

General Liability

General protection insurance against damage and injuries to guests and their property.

Food/Illness Liability Insurance

This covers the owner/manager and staff against liability costs against food infections like salmonella etc.

Workers Insurance

Covering if a hotel worker gets injured or sick as a result of accident or other situation at work in a hotel.

Employment Liability Insurance

Protects against lawsuits of ‘unhappy’ employees!

Unemployment Insurance

Required by law, and is part of state taxes in America.

Medical Insurance and Disability Insurance

Required by law (the Affordable Healthcare Act), and in most States.

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