Internships in Canada

Internships can pay graduates a very good salary (although some are non-paid) for working in hotels or resorts, as well as other venues, whether in Canada or elsewhere in North America. Successful applicants are also offered accommodation which can be subsidized. To be accepted a graduate must have a certificate from a hotel management course or already possess at least one years work experience within a hotel.

Canada offers professional internships in many other areas as well as hospitality management, such as IT, customer service, marketing and event management. Placements are also open to students who want to improve their English speaking skills, and are accepted from countries as far away as Latvia and Denmark.

Most hospitality internships in Canada are paid, however if an applicant has little skill in a particular area, or have little to no experience in a related field they may still apply for an internship where they will receiveĀ  no pay.

This provides great opportunities for less skilled people, and/or people wishing to improve English language skills. As well as an internship in Canada, there are Work and Study Canada placements available. These offer the opportunity of studying and gaining work experience in related fields, which on completion of the program will look favorable for a resume.

Internships in the beautiful country of Canada are organized through top international businesses, where placements are filled only after a thorough interview process by a program provider on the location where the internship takes place.

Here is a list of places where you can find internships in hotel and hospitality management:


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