How to Find Internships in Hotel and Hospitality Management

How to find an internship in a specific field does not have to be difficult as it first might seem. If you are a university student with a language qualification, you are in a better position of finding an internship in travel or tourism, than say a student without one and a student with a maths qualification stands a far greater chance at finding an accountancy internship, than someone with qualifications in other subjects.

If your goal is to work in the hotel or tourism industry, then you will need to seek out hospitality internships in a top hotel or travel company.

This may lead you to an international search to find internships in one of these fields. But if you current status does not allow you to move abroad, you should first look at your local hotels and resorts for a suitable placement or further a field in your State if necessary.

If they are few and far between (which is the case in some areas), you may find yourself volunteering to gain on the job experience in the tourism industry and learning how companies operate, without getting paid.

The upside of this is that you get unlimited opportunities to build relationships with people whom you would normally never come in contact with.

And because you do participate in unpaid internships, this shows potential employers that you are dedicated and passionate about the industry and the particular company, and not just about earning an income.

To find internships in tourism, contact tourist information centers and attractions, vacation resorts and travel companies, as well as hotels. Remember that there are several fields within these areas, such as management, food and beverage, front office and also marketing & sales, so be sure which of these areas you eventually want a career in.

Use the same principles to find other types of internships. For an accounting internship, you would need to contact accountancy firms and if you wanted to work in the fashion industry, then you should contact fashion designers.

If there are no fashion designers in your area, try applying or asking in fashion outlets and larger fashion retailers and work your way from there to find the designers themselves.

To find an internship in television or radio, simply contact your local television or radio network.

Once you have found suitable internships, you should apply as early as possible (particularly if you are a student and it’s a summer internship), as competition is usually high. This way you practically guaranteed of gaining entry into your chosen placement.

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