How to Get a Job as a Hotel Manager

Getting a job as hotel manager requires the appropriate qualifications for the individual department you wish to work in (or maybe more). You must also posses people skills on a general public and guest level, if will work in a position which is dealing with hotel customers.

In smaller hotels, the hotel managers job description will almost certainly include a huge amount of typically unrelated tasks, such as front of house management and managing the house keeping department.

Whereas, in larger hotels an individual manager would be responsible for their own department and staff, reporting directly to the general manager.

These large hotels will have management teams, made up of managers from the following departments:

  • Housekeeping
  • Front desk
  • Accounting and finance
  • Kitchen
  • Food and beverage/restaurant
  • Concierge
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and sales
  • Engineering

A typical hotel managers day might start with the daily staff meeting, to discuss the previous days operations, any customer complaints, profit and loss and any other business matters. The meeting would also be about the coming days guest bookings, any special events and general business matters, where senior mangers would delegate tasks to lower management and other key staff.

In charge of daily operations of the hotel, would be the duty manager or service manager. In my experience of working in top and five star hotels, any one person of the management team can be assigned this responsibility.

The duty manager is required to ensure guests enjoy their stay and are made to feel welcome, for the duration of their stay. Working alongside would be an assistant manager, who would fulfill more menial tasks.

The human resources manger of a hotel would be charged with the hiring, firing and training of suitably qualified staff to work in each department. This role would involve marketing and advertising the jobs which become open, thus having contacts with employment agencies in the locale.

Business development would also be in the job description of a hotel manager. This would include sales, marketing and promoting the hotel to increase business and revenue, along with budget forecasts and projections in turn over.

Typical of all hotels, a general hotel manger heads the management team. In the case of smaller hotels, this role could be filled by the hotel owner. A general manager would then report directly (larger hotels) to the hotel owners or board of directors.

The hotel manager needs a certain skill-set to work in such a busy arena, which would include people and communication skills (relating to staff), as well as organizational abilities, covering job delegation. You would need to always put the hotel guests needs before your own needs at all times. Having a great ability to be empathetic with customers in the event they may have a complaint is fundamental to this role. Having good public relations will continue to build the hotel business among the community and with helps promote repeat business.

Hotel Manager Qualifications

There are two ways you can gain entry to the field of hotel management. Firstly, by already having three or more years industry experience (from perhaps an internship or work placement via college) and second by holding one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Hotel management diploma
  • MBA – Master of business administration
  • Degree in hospitality management
  • Graduate degree
  • Postgraduate degree
  • Business degree

The hotel managers occupation demands long working hours, night shifts and also holiday periods. If you want a career in this industry, you must be prepared to fulfill these demands, because the hospitality industry is one which is open twenty four hours, every day, including Christmas.

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