Hotel Management Salary

The level of hotel management salary is considerably higher for someone with a masters degree in business administration, than for someone with an undergraduate degree. Anyone seriously considering a career in hotel management for the first time, should consider their options beforehand if they do not have the right qualifications before applying.

This does not mean (if you don’t have the right level of qualifications) that you will not ever enjoy a fruitful career in this huge industry, it simply means that you are best advised to gain your masters degree before you think about applying.

Of course this does mean a few additional years in school or university, but is this time a total waste if at the end of that time, you are able to provide more value to a hotel or any other area of hospitality.

Currently, a hotel management salary in the United States is around ninety five thousand dollars per annum. This data was collected and analyzed from a survey taken by thousands of hospitality employers around the country. These venues varied greatly in size and location.

In London in 2009 to 2010, managers of hotels have seen an increase in their salaries which is twice the rate of inflation, making the average median salary of a little over forty three thousand pounds. This increase was as a direct result of an improvement in trading conditions, the data taken from a survey by HVS Executive Search, of sixty two hotels in London.

Obtaining a high hotel management salary, will be a direct result of experience and qualifications. So it is imperative that you understand this before possible disappointment when applying for a position. And it may at first seem like the work you have to do (for low or even no pay) on an internship, after having spent a year or two studying for a qualification in hotel and hospitality management greatly exceeds the level of pay and job satisfaction at that time. But if you ‘stick’ with it and get those qualifications and gain the work experience, you are practically guaranteed of an enjoyable and career in an industry which could take you around the world.

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