Hotel Management :: Qualifications and How to Get a Life-Changing Career

Have you ever wondered why the staff of all major hotels seem to come from many different countries around the world. I’ve met plenty of Americans and Australian’s working in the United Kingdom, and I’ve said good bye to many friends who have left here to start a new career in hotel management in many places around the globe.

The hotel and hospitality industry is an amazing field to work in. In fact, it can be ‘life-changing’. Before we get into what types of jobs, sectors and divisions you could eventually work in, let me ask you a few questions.

  • Are you fed up on your current career?
  • Do you want to work locally, nationally or internationally?
  • Are you a family man/woman or single?
  • Are you a college leaver looking for a first and possible lifelong career, that will be incredibly prosperous?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone. Many hundreds and thousands of people around the world are either going back to university, getting an internship or starting a brand new career in one of the most incredibly gratifying, global industries anywhere around the globe.

And we have the tools here for you to:

  1. Discover everything you need to know about hospitality management.
  2. Gain new qualifications in one of the many fields within hospitality. Such as a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), a Masters of Science in Finance (MSF), a Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BS or BSc) and you also find any of these degrees or credentials where you can study online, as well as at a school or university.
  3. Gain entry into the right internship.
  4. Find a new job in any department within hospitality and hotel management.

What Do You Need to Work in Hotel Management?

Would you like to get a new and affluent career as a manager in a hotel like the one in the photo? You can with qualifications such as a business degree in the areas of food and beverage, house keeping, front office operation and even marketing or sales.

Of those primary functions, house keeping and restaurant management remain visible to guests, along with front desk skills.

The areas where you need to be highly skilled, such as for general management, marketing or engineering are the ones which the public will rarely see, but are still highly thought of and are very crucial to operation a successful business.

Other areas include human resources, staff management, kitchen staff and financial teams.

An individual seeking a job as a hotelier needs to have wide range of knowledge in the field they wish to work in. When you have this vast database and vision in your mind, along with the right qualifications, you are ensured of a long career in hotel management.

You would quickly work your way up ‘through the ranks’ from intern or junior management, all the way up to general manager. Experience is the key for someone coming into the hospitality and hotel management industry, because providing a complete and professional service is crucial to the success of the venue where you work.

Success is Derived From Team Work Amongst All Levels of Staff

When you work in the hotel environment, you are working along side a team of people all of whom have a clear understanding of the management and running of a hotel, but in different areas (depending of course on the size of the hotel).

The most fundamental area of hotel management (from the view point of paying guests and visitors) in any good hotel, is the house keeping department. Ensuring that rooms are kept immaculate, brings people back time and time again (if they are frequent travelers) and this is where one area of running a hotel, runs into another.

And by that we mean, when someone finds a hotel which is clean and tidy, they are highly likely to recommend it to friends and colleagues. This forms part of the marketing side of running a hotel and a good manager will understand how important ‘word of mouth’ marketing really is.

Marketing of a hotel will not only involve advertising of the location and amenities, but will also require connections with the travel industry. Travel agents and corporate event organizers will recommend a good hotel. If there is a big event such as a conference being held either at the hotel or in the locale, accommodation is naturally going to be required for participants and attendees.

If a hotel is part of a coastal resort, hotel accommodation will be an essential part of a vacation. A hotel situated on the West coast, should be well known to the travel industry on the East coast, and vice-versa. If the hotel is visited by foreigners, you will typically find it travel brochures in foreign countries.

The food and beverage department is the second area which is visible to hotel guests. This branch of hotel management is key to getting top health and safety reviews. Again, this is fundamental to marketing of the hotel and it being recommended by guests and tour operators alike.

When a hotel provides good food and a high quality restaurant service, which is friendly and helpful to guests, those people are likely to become frequent visitors. A good understanding of the catering side of becoming a hotel manager is essential.

Smooth running of general operations and the front desk of a hotel entails efficient checking in and out of guests. The managerial role of this department will require a good understanding of planning and keeping a current diary of bookings and cancellations.

Knowing exactly when someone is checking in, how long they are staying and when they are checking out is key to the success of the front desk department.

When communication breaks down in this department, a near anarchic situation can often arise! If too many people are booked in to occupy the same room at the same time, the hotel management have failed to complete the fundamentals running a hotel.

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