Hotel and Hospitality Management Careers

There is an ever increasing abundance of well paid hotel management careers available right now, both nationally and on an international scale. This is opening the door for many new people to join the hospitality industry in practically any job, for which they are qualified to hold. Everybody from college leaver’s to those seeking new directions in their life now have the opportunity to work in hotels and other hospitality venues half way across the world.

But why is there such an increase in hotel management careers being advertised on every recruitment agency ad board and website, wherever you look? Why are employers advertising more positions and occupations than ever before?

I don’t have to remind you that we have just seen the worst decline in the worlds economy and finance systems which we have ever seen. But more recently, things are certainly improving – and on a dramatic scale.

Major economies are recovering and growing once again. Overseas operations and employment is rising in certain sectors, which is opening up many new opportunities. But why, specifically?

As the economies do expand, it is having a ‘domino effect’ on many other unrelated industries like travel and hospitality. More specifically it is because the demand is increasing for everything from travel requirements to accommodation and events/conference centers.

Hotel and hospitality management careers are obtainable in traditional hotels and motels, resorts and ranches, where efficiency and etiquette is a top requirement throughout, ensuring that guests and visitors feel like they are staying in a homely and friendly environment.

You could become a manager in any of the following professions and departments:

  • General managers
  • Front office managers
  • Assistant manager
  • Housekeeping
  • Sales and marketing
  • Restaurant/ food and beverage
  • Conference and banqueting
  • Culinary department

Key responsibilities of a Hotel Manager:

  • Guest related issues
  • Coordinating with other managers and staff
  • Staff recruitment
  • Budgeting
  • Room inspections
  • Staff Training
  • Customer services

There are certain perks and benefits of working in the hotel industry, particular in a managerial position. To work in this global profession, you must be passionate about meeting new people and working alongside others. So one clear benefit is that you continuously meet people from all corners of the nation and if you are working in one of the large hotel chains, you will naturally meet people of all nationalities with people visiting from many other countries.

Hotel management careers offer enthusiastic and adventurous individuals the chance of working abroad. This alone is a perk of working in hospitality, but you also get to travel for free and (depending on the hotel chain) you may also get free accommodation for the duration of your contract.

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