About Hotel Restaurant Management

Hotel restaurant management is a small part of  the services you will find inside a hotel venue, which includes the dining area, kitchen and delivery areas. In some parts of the world, people visit a hotel more for the food which is served in the restaurant, rather than needing accommodation.

Managing a restaurant situated in a hotel offers many rewarding career prospects even in times when jobs are hard to come by. Surprisingly it’s been found that people are still traveling a lot for business and tourism has held steady.

So, this has increased within the hotel and tourism industry, an increasing demand for professionals in hotel and restaurant management.

Careers in hotel restaurant management can be pursued in two ways.

You could study for an associates or bachelor degree in this field, or slowly move up the ladder by first working in entry-level jobs such as clerk at the front desk or a waiter.

The second option is quite time consuming and involves simply learning all there is to know about hotel restaurant management by working your way up, from dishwasher and other service jobs.

However, this method will require a lot of effort on your part to gather the required experience needed to ultimately make it to a managerial position.

There is also a third option where you can start working at an entry level position, where you could participate in hotel restaurant management training via online courses. But make sure, if you are choosing to follow this way, that your chosen training institution has the necessary accreditation.

Accreditation is important as it means the degree or certificate will be universally recognized and the course material will be of good quality, covering all the topics required for making your career successful.

Exactly what is hotel restaurant management training and what does it involve? On the surface it might only seem that it involves general management, and this is true in a very broad sense.

However, within the walls of hotels and restaurants lie many departments and although the main training will be based on imparting management skills, the more in-depth courses will teach you a specialization.

There are many career options which do include managerial positions in the various departments of a hotel like food and beverage handling, marketing, financial management, housekeeping, computer application, maintenance, entertainment and recreation, surveillance and security, safety, public relations and some more.

Everything you need to know about running a hotel restaurant business.

Besides career opportunities in hotels and restaurants, candidates who have undergone hotel and restaurant management training can find jobs on cruise ships, in catering establishments, fast food outlets, tour companies, clubs, resorts, spas, confectioneries and food production companies.

Depending on the area of your interests, there are a wide range of career options to choose from but management skills and leadership qualities will be universally required in all these jobs.

You should be aware that employment in all these fields requires working long hours, but on the upside as we’ve previously discussed, you could earn a very healthy salary!

Hands-on experience also plays a major role in the field. There is huge spectrum of knowledge to be acquired by working in different positions within the industry and any experience at all will prove to very advantageous.

Often employers will prefer to hire someone with concrete experience in the field. A hotel is a complex entity with a variety of departments and if you are aspiring for a career in hotel restaurant management you’ll need the right mix of school based training and practical experience to have the pick of top jobs.

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