Hotel Front Desk Job Description and Responsibilities

The most important part of a hotel front desk clerk’s job description is projecting a high quality image of both themselves, and the hotel for which they work. More often than not, the staff working in this highly valued position are the first members of staff that guests will communicate with when they arrive at check-in, and are also the last members of staff guests will see before they check out.

So it is fundamental that front desk staff embed an enthusiastic and lasting impression in the minds of all customers. This is crucial for future and return business.

Are You Over Qualified?

If you think that you may be over qualified for working as a front of house receptionist, why not consider a career in hotel management? The rewards are greater, and you may get the chance to work anywhere in the world.

When you choose a career working in guest services, you must be well mannered and polite. And if you do not represent the hotel in a way which meets the standards set by the hotel chain itself, you can bet a huge chunk of cash you won’t be employed for very long!

As a key members of staff of any hotel, front desk clerks (or agents, as they are often referred to) will first greet and welcome guests upon they’re arrival. Next they would check the customers reservation on the computer system to confirm the booking, then obtain a credit card to log against that booking.

A room key is then allocated to the customer. In newer hotels, room keys are usually key cards, which are credit card size plastic cards which get swiped through the security key slot in the room door lock.
Part of front desk job responsibilities is receptionist, which could include office typing duties and also include acting as a link with other hotel departments. For example, if a guest has a problem during their stay with perhaps linen in their room, they would not seek out a member of housekeeping staff, but more will typically contact the front desk and explain their problem. Front desk staff would then contact the appropriate department.

Other essential front desk duties include answering telephones to book reservations, or to redirect calls to hotel guests. They also include taking and answering queries relating to the hotel itself – it’s amenities and facilities, as well as handling the initial customer service complaints.

The front desk job description also includes:

  • Working directly with concierge staff
  • Arranging guest travel and transportation – for example, to the airport
  • Calculate final bills and receive payment
  • Direct calls from guests and (depending on hotel size) take room service orders
  • Receiving and sending emails (bookings, reservations, transport)
  • Sales experience – not always required, but is a great asset to hold

Having the best communication skills for this position are also very important. Having a clear understanding of a guests query and where to direct it is essential.

The front desk manager will head the front desk department, and hold responsibility for front desk operations. This hotel managers job will also include providing staff training and scheduling rota’s for staff schedules for the coming week or month. As with most management roles, a person in this position will work a typical working week, but must be prepared (as with all management staff) to work night shifts and cover staff sickness leave in the emergency other members of front desk staff are unable to work.

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