What is Hospitality Management and What Does it Involve

What is Hospitality?

what is hospitality managementHave you ever stayed in a hotel, on a vacation resort or spent any amount of time in a casino and thought that the people serving you, showing you around or pointing you in the right direction were polite, warm and welcoming?

This is all part of hospitality, along with events held at convention centers such as conferences, where many hundreds or thousands of people will be in attendance.

Those staff members who make you feel as if your right at home have done their job well, as you would expect when you are ‘paying’ for participation in a particular event. These people have put into use, all the training and education they learned back in the days when they were learning on their hospitality management course or program that gave them the tools to use today.

What Does Hospitality Management Entail?

Hospitality management means ‘managing’ an event, or when referring to managing a hotel (for example), it would mean managing all the different departments and members of staff so that the paying guests feel welcomed and enjoy their stay. It is important that these people know that you are warm and friendly, so that they would probably return to the venue again in the future.

Hospitality is part of the service industry, so the individuals working in hospitality management must hold these essential qualities, which would make paying guests want to return.

As someone who works in this field, you must be able to perform your duties to a very high standard.

This is because you are dealing with either the general public, or in the case of conferences and conventions, serving any level of management. These are often ‘ordinary’ people, but they are the ones who must go with a strong feeling of wanting to return to that same venue, should the need arise in the future.

Who Should Work in Hospitality Management

But no matter of where you work in hospitality, you must posses people skills to a level where you are confident in your role and guests perceive you as very friendly.

If you are contemplating a career in hospitality or hotel management, you must be versatile in your approach and diverse in the way they think. In other words, you must be able to think fast and on the go if necessary.

Because problematic situations, which do frequently arise must be dealt with as swiftly and quietly as possible.

You must be able to deal with the public on any level. You must be knowledgeable when asked questions, you must have the ability to empathize with your customer and be someone who can resolve a query in the shortest time possible.

Hospitality is at the top of the list of the largest international industries because of the genre of services included within it.

What Departments or Divisions Are There in Hospitality Management Where You Can Start a New Career?

There are various departments in hotels, convention centers and resorts. Many of them are similar and inter-related.

  • Front desk
  • Housekeeping
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Financial management
  • Resort management
  • Accounting
  • Operations management
  • Concierge

Several divisions have the same departments and offer the same services. So there are common careers which may interest you, where if you worked in a hotel for any length of time, you could also use those skills in the same department of a convention center, casino or holiday resort.

Each of those needs to be organized and managed to keep the ‘engine’ running perfectly. This ensures the success of any convention center or resort, and goes along way towards getting repeat business.

If just one of those areas fails to meet the high standards expected by event/hotel guests, the hospitality management team has failed in their duties and goals. If a hospitality management company was employed to organize a particular event or convention by a fortune five hundred company, how long would they remain profitable in business? Not long, for sure.

For this reason accredited certificates and business degrees can and should be sat by individuals seeking a position. These can be done at management schools and universities, right around the world. A degree in hospitality can also be ‘sat’ via an online university.

The career choices available are enormous, but what job is right for you in hospitality management can only answered by you! Providing you are people and situation oriented, and work as part of and lead a management team, then your options of working in this thriving environment are huge.

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