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As the biggest industry in the world expands more and more over the next decade, many more job vacancies are opening up in the hotel, travel and tourism industry. Salaries are slowly increasing, along with overtime payments in the non-hospitality world, which means more and more people are able to afford to travel and take vacations.

And as the global economy recovers and businesses are expanding nationally and internationally, business owners need hotels to stay in, which means employment vacancies are again becoming increasingly seen for the right people, who have the ability to deal with the public and who also hold a degree in hospitality.

This increase in demand for hotels and lodging venues, means an inevitable increase in the demand for hotel staff, and new hospitality management careers are being made available, such as lodging, front of house and restaurant managers.

But it is not just the hotel industry which is growing and opening up more doors to graduates, the following professions also extends hospitality services to customers and are needing highly qualified management:

  • Casinos
  • Parks and fairs
  • Events management
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts

All of these fields within hospitality offer very different careers. Some involve dealing with the public directly, such as hotel front of house managers, others such as house keeping management generally do not. But they all have one thing in common, and that is to make the customer feel like they are at home.

Here is a list of careers you could apply for in hotel management, depending on your qualifications and personal ability to deal with the public:

  1. General hotel management
  2. Front of house management/front desk manager
  3. House keeping management
  4. Food and beverage management
  5. Restaurant management
  6. Hotel events management

Job descriptions:

As a general hotel manager, your main priority and responsibility is for the customers overall well being for the duration of their stay. You would also oversee the daily running of the hotel operations and business, and be self motivated and have the ability to motivate others and overcome complaints to the satisfaction of the customer.

As front of house manager, you are responsible for hotel bookings and customer service relating to checking in and out. In some smaller venues you would also be expected to operate the switchboard, answering and directing calls.

As house keeping manager, responsibilities would include managing cleaning staff and maid services, to ensure guests rooms are cleaned and linen changed on a daily basis.

A restaurant managers role would be to ensure the complete satisfaction of the guests while they are dining. For this position and that of the food and beverage manager, you would need qualifications in business management (particularly for large hotels), as hotel restaurants are typically considered small businesses within the hotel venue itself.

The hotel events manager/planner’s role would include the hospitality and well-being of guests and day visitors for special events such as weddings, conventions and other special occasions. These responsibilities would extend to catering, guest lists and adhering to hotel health and safety rules, regarding capacity limits.

All these hospitality management careers require qualifications in their related fields. Hotel and hospitality management diplomas, along with post graduate and business degrees are required for consideration into most fields, unless an individual posses several years experience already.

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