Facts About Hotel Management Diplomas

Are you looking for a complete change in direction in your career? More and more people are choosing hotel management, because it enables them to learn new skills and travel the world. To be assured of a top hotel managers job, you are best advised to get a hotel management diploma because these qualifications are what you need to get a foot in the door of most top hotel chains.

Contents of the course include:

  • Health and safety
  • Front of house operations
  • Serving management and catering
  • Food and service hygiene
  • Financial management
  • House keeping
  • Business management

When you do obtain a degree in hotel management, you can be confident that you will enjoy a long career and complete job satisfaction in a global industry, where you may find yourself working in an exotic location anywhere in the world.

The fundamental idea behind the hotel management diploma (course) is to deliver to the hotel and tourism industry, quality managers who posses skills in all of the fields of operational aspects of. The diploma learned on a hotel management course can be completed in a two year course, with year one teaching basic management and organizational skills such as:

  • Tourism industry
  • Catering management
  • Marketing
  • Leadership organization
  • Finance and accounting
  • Convention organization
  • Food and beverage operations

The second year focuses on emphasizing the practical skills and knowledge, learned in the first year.

  • Economics and microeconomics
  • Food and beverage management
  • Accounts management
  • Resort and tourism management
  • Hospitality law
  • Cost control management

Obtaining these skills provides you with the necessary management and technical skills, to accomplish a wide range of jobs in the running of a hotel business. Within hotel management, there is a huge amount of responsibility for managers, which is why learning this almost eclectic mix of skills and knowledge is stipulated.

Hotel management diplomas are offered by Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality in the UK, Vancouver Premier College in Canada, Queenstown Resort College New Zealand and one of the best countries in the world to obtain join a course is Switzerland (see the list). These are just a few official bodies around the globe for providing a complete education in hotel management.

Whilst the emphasis is on hotel operations and management, the certificate gained when a student qualifies can also be attributed to other skills learned, such as business administration. The final exam for the hotel management diploma, will also include the scrutiny of coursework. However, after completion of the first you must pass an exam and obtain at least a sixty percent to qualify for the second year. Fail and you will not be invited to attend the second year.

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