Here at HMMFenix.com, we have provided information, resources and guides to anyone considering a career in the hospitality and hotel industry.

Topics and categories include hotel management courses, schools, training, diplomas, MBA degrees, online MBA degrees, online courses in all aspects of the hospitality industry.

With the hospitality and tourism industry growing at an incredible rate, numerous vacancies are becoming available and sought after, which is why it is even more crucial that anyone heading to this vast industry, gains the proper credentials, knowledge and skills before applying for a job.

As a result hotel trainees, interns and managers find themselves with numerous choices of courses and training, financial aid and funding available.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out looking for career opportunities, changing your career or returning to work after raising a family, there has never been a better time to find out more information about hotel management, if you want to go into the hospitality line of work.

NOTE: We have recently updated this site to include topics pertaining more to business management, so we have also included authority links to online degrees, programs and courses relating to business where it is related to the hospitality industry.

New areas to the site, which may interest you:

  • Hotel management software
  • Hotel management insurance

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