How to Excel As a Hotel Manager – Become a Jack of All

How to excel as a hotel manager, providing customers with a memorable experience.

Video details:

  • You’re only as good as the people around you
  • Build and lead a great team
  • Hire the right people with the right skills and attitude
  • Focus on developing a company culture that reflects the goals of the company
  • A compliment and a smile go a long way to developing a positive team environment
  • Always learn and improve
  • A hotel manager is almost always a ‘jack of all trades’
  • Greet your guests – make them feel welcome
  • Have a plan for emergencies

About Andy James

Andy's background was originally in civil engineering and management. After gaining qualifications in business management, he made a side side step into owning a management and security business. He gained vast knowledge of the hospitality and hotel industry, before he took to writing and publishing about related fields. You can catch up with Andy on his Google+ profile.

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