Hilton Worldwide Joins Campaign to Stop Child Trafficking

Whilst I appreciate this article has no relation to the topic of this site, I think this press release is fundamentally important to ALL human beings right around the world. For this reason, I have added to further highlight the problem of child trafficking. I thank you in anticipation of you sharing this article with your social online connections.

Why Has Hilton Joined the Fight to Stop Child Trafficking

In a recent statement, the Hilton group has reported that it is to become the second biggest company in the United States to sign the international code of conduct called ‘The Code’. This code which was written by ECPAT International, is an international code which is focused on putting to an end, the global child trafficking problem.

Also, on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show, the celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore spoke of this world wide problem. This has further highlighted the problem to the US public.

Hilton has joined the first major American company, Delta, because they believe that this refutes previous major corporations thinking process that being part of this fight could harm a global business brand. Hilton believe that signing ‘The Code’ will do the opposite and be advantageous for business.

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